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MK pernah membincangkan penggunaan RSS dalam seharian. Begitu juga applikasi seperti NetVibes dan Google Reader.

Terlebih dahulu biar saya explain secare ringkas ‘feeds’ atau lebih dikenali sebagai RSS ini. RSS adalah media dalam bentuk suapan ringkas dari blog atau pon website. Kelebihan RSS adalah pantas, ringkas dan mudah.

Pembaca Feed terdiri daripada applikasi online atau desktop. Harap maaf, artikel ini ditulis dalam bahasa inggeris sebelum dimasukkan semula ke dalam SembangKomputer.

Applikasi online: (R)- Requires registration, (N)- Not free, (S)- requires one time manual submission of RSS feed

Manakala Desktop pula:


  • AmphetaDesk was an open source syndicated news aggregator. Although once cutting-edge, in early Morbus Iff moved on to other projects. (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • BlogBridge is a free, open source reader which runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux. The free BlogBridge service syncs your feed list between desktops.
  • RSSOwl is an open source Java RSS news reader.
  • RSS2PDF enables you to view RSS feeds as PDF files.
  • AgileRSS is a java aggregator that runs on Windows, Unix, linux and MacOsX.


Microsoft Windows

  • Marcel (imum.info net-reader) feed reader (RSS/Atom/LS1), original and ultra-simplified. One feed in one page, no popup. (Free, english/french, for Windows).
  • Alertbear offers a river of news style view via a stack of feed items, instead of the usual email style view of other readers.
  • Awasu – monitoring information from any source.
  • Newsplorer is a fully skinnable news reader application that integrates with the online bookmarking service del.icio.us
  • Companion Desktop™ Companion Desktop™ is the latest configurable news reader with preconfigured categories.
  • Twins WebNews Twins WebNews is an RSS and ATOM news reader, that works like an e-mail client.
  • RSS Xpress is a free Atom/RSS reader (requires .NET Framework v1.1).
  • FeedTray is a tiny RSS/Atom/podcast news reader that quietly sits in your task tray and monitors any number of news feeds (requires .NET Framework v2).
  • Feedreader is a lightweight open-source aggregator that supports RSS and ATOM formats. It works under Windows 95 and later versions.
  • BitsCast is a free rich media RSS reader/aggregator integrating Microsoft JET database engine with rich media (news | audio (podcast) | video (vlog) | software delivery | BitTorrent attachment) download/search/playback.
  • SharpReader SharpReader is an RSS/Atom Aggregator.
  • BlogBridge BlogBridge is an RSS/Atom Aggregator that supports Reading Lists (requires Java).
  • Awasu is a fully-featured news reader with both free and commercial versions.
  • CITA RSS Aggregator is a free Windows aggregator that also supports podcasts, BitTorrents and secure feeds (requires .NET Framework v2).
  • FeedDemon is a hybrid online/offline RSS reader.
  • FeedExplorer Freeware, Outlook 2003 look and feel.
  • Fuzzy Duck is a freeware RSS, Atom and RDF news reader.
  • GreatNews is a powerful RSS reader emphasising on usability.
  • News Bobbin is a freeware that scrolls the latest customizable headlines on the bottom of your desktop.
  • Nutshell Freeware, multi-window skinnable RSS reader with optional Ticker bar.
  • RSSBandit is an RSS/Atom aggregator written with the .NET Framework.
  • Snarfer is a freeware state of the art lightning fast RSS/Atom/XML reader.
  • wTicker RSS reader. Many Features.
  • FeedAmasser A Light Weight RSS Feed Reader.
  • WinRSS A freeware RSS/Atom aggregator for Windows, which uses your browser to display the news, and also balloon tooltips.
  • KlipFolio Is a small, smart and very configurable RSS Dashboard. KlipFolio can be used to monitor anything you want online–like weather, stocks, Hotmail, news, RSS feeds and even auctions.
  • Feed’n Read Feed’n Read (FnR) is a free Java based open source newsfeed reader. It is powered by the Sun ROME syndication framework and therefore supports all current formats.
  • Touchstone Touchstone is a heads-up-display that treats RSS less like news and more like an alerts/updates mechanism. Stay up-to-date with web-based apps (Web 2.0?) while you work without having to bury your head in a news reader.
  • Investor Vista Webfeed aggregator designed specifically for investors. Unique system which generates Stock + Feed News charts.


  • akregator is a KDE news feed aggregator.
  • blam is a GNOME RSS aggregator written in C#.
  • liferea is a GTK/GNOME-based news aggregator.
  • raggle is a console RSS aggregator written in Ruby.
  • rawdog is the RSS Aggregator Without Delusions Of Grandeur.
  • straw is another GNOME aggregator.
  • Ticker is a GNUstep news aggregator for Atom and RSS feeds.

Yang saya gunakan adalah Newzie. Sekian, semoga anda pecah kepala memilih Pembaca Feed yang sesuai.

– Yang kejam, NoktahHitam

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    1. Soalan ko ini general sangat.

      RSS Desktop – Newzie = 20MB RAM

      RSS Online – Google Reader + Firefox = 50MB RAM

      RSS dari webserver (rss yang blog ko provide) = Priceless. hahaha Sebenarnye jawapan last sekali aku tatau. Tp die agak ringan la sbb XML

      NoktahHitams last blog post..The Blind Date

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